January Community Minutes


#CMAnxiety at LABS Holborn with Erik Rodin of August, and Our Friend The Poet, Chris Unwin.Remember all asks/offers from our 8000+ London community go on the incredible Creative Mornings app, made with Impossible: available on iPhone & Android

1/ Vivian

Vivian’s started Ideas Jam: think TED talk crossed with public brainstorm. She’s got a rooftop space in Camden for the next free Jam - follow them on Facebook/Instagram to get details on dates!
F/ facebook.com/IdeasJam
I/ @ideasjam.london

2/ Flick

Flick’s running a supercool human-centred design for business innovation workshop, thinking about building products and services based on what people will love. AND she’s giving the CM Community extra special discounted tickets (on top of the early bird price)! It’s on Friday 2 March, let her know you’re interested so that she can send you the promo code.
E/ flick@wearehabit.com
EB/ eventbrite.com/e/human-centred-design-for-business-innovation-tickets-38144662713

3/ Elise

Elise has been running amazing-beautiful life drawing classes at Lunar HQ, join her on 8 February and 8 March, regardless of whether you’ve ever picked up a pencil or not. All abilities, just come and try something new. Get in touch :)
EB/ eventbrite.co.uk/e/lunar-labs-life-drawing-tickets-41643910056
E/ eliseboileau@live.fr

4/ Natalie

Natalie runs an incredible new sportswear company MYSPORTLONDON. She’s also been asked to produce a carefully curated line up for active wear at London Fashion Week. She’s looking for ten companies who design unique lifestyle/active wear. If you know anyone in that industry, who’s doing really cool things, let her know!
E/ natalie@mysportlondon.com
W/ mysportlondon.com
I/ @my.sport.london

5/ Vicke

Vicke runs a supper club series called Fareground LDN, their next one is in March at a really nice new venue, and they’re looking for a DJ! It’s still very small so they can’t afford to pay just yet, but delicious food will be available and aplenty. So if you can offer your services in exchange for middle eastern food, get in touch.
F/ facebook.com/faregroundLDN

6/ Abby

Abby is looking for turbo-charged social media/content people for very rewarding work. Anyone who's done social media/content/video/ux design, get in touch!
E/ abbsnocon@gmail.com

7/ Uslan

Uslan needs a new freelance iOS developer to chat to for a prototype app! He’s also looking for a gallery space, a big one, 10-15,000 sq ft for the summer. Let him know if you’ve got somewhere in mind! Also, the Visual Content Network will be meeting up soon, come along if you’re into creating re show your work, l and get some advice - if you’d like to speak at the event, Uslan can put you in touch with the organiser.
E/ uslan@uslan.co.uk
M/ meetup.com/Visual-Content-Network-London/

8/ Jennifer

Jennifer’s a designer and she’s starting a couple of very exciting projects this year! She’s looking to do an exhibition for some of her illustrations and also a pop up shop where she takes photos of people, doodles on those photos with kind or empowering words and gives it back to that person. She also wants to doodle on peoples faces, with neon paint - so if you’re a make up artist and you know about neon faces - make some magic together. She’s looking for collaborators.
T/ @Hayashi_Design
E/ jenniferahayashi@gmail.com

9/ Rose

Rose is Community Manager over at Sanctus, who want to change perspectives on mental health in the workplace and wider world. They’re hosting a free open space for tea and coffee to talk about mental health - without judgement - at their offices in Shoreditch on 31 January. Roll thru ❤️
EB/ eventbrite.co.uk/e/sanctus-talks-tickets-28334589520
W/ sanctus.io
T/ @sanctusldn

10/ Francis

Francis is our AWESOME photographer. Like seriously, he’s really talented. And he’s started a thing. Once every month you can recommend a friend to get a free portrait session with him, and they can use those photos wherever they like. Just message him on Instagram and why you’re nominating your person - it can be whatever reason except “they’re just really good looking”. Direct message him on Instagram!
I/ @FranxisAugusto
W/ francisaugusto.co.uk

11/ Chris

Chris is our friend the poet, who read his poetry for us on Friday morning. He’s doing a thing called Free Show February, where he’ll perform for free in February - as long as you can get him there! Get in touch on Instagram.
I/ @yourfriendthepoet

(Photos by Francis Augusto francisaugusto.co.uk)