It’s my turn now. This is Specky Scribbler writing. Or, as I like to be called offline: Michelle.

I’m a full time freelance copywriter. This means that I tell and sell the story of your business. I specialise in content for online, ranging from social media posts, blogs and website pages. I first joined The Tara Building in April 2017, when I decided to bite the bullet and work for myself.

That’s how I found out about CreativeMornings, when in June I found out that Will St Leger was giving a talk and I had to go.

For the next event, Aiden needed someone to live tweet it, and I agreed. I didn’t think it would lead to me being the head of social and resident blogger for CM/Dublin, but here I am.

I love being involved in CreativeMornings/Dublin. I think the events are great for people in the creative world in Dublin, and are definitely needed. Apart from getting great coffee and breakfast while listening to wonderful people speak, the events are great for getting to know people in the creative industry.

My favourite speaker was Will St Leger, I left his speech moved to tears and wished I could experience it again.

My favourite musicians were Pine the Pilcrow. Their music was the perfect accompaniment to Donal Moloney’s talk about Death; completely melodic, haunting and relaxing.

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