CreativeMornings/Dublin is run by Aiden McGale, who spends a lot of time working behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly for each event. Now it’s his time to shine in this interview with our resident blogger, Specky Scribbler.


Aiden not only hosts CM/Dublin, but he also runs a boutique recruitment agency called Affinity Recruitment. This agency headhunts designers for companies in Ireland, and all over Europe.

In June 2017, Aiden took over CreativeMornings/Dublin from Brian Colhoun. He now curates and hosts each event with, as he says, ‘lots of help from an amazing bunch of people who give up their time and skills every month’.

Aiden feels he has big boots to fill because Brian not only ran the events for a few yeats, but he was the one who brought CreativeMornings to Dublin in the first place! Even still, Aiden jumped in when he heard that Brian was looking for something to take over from him!

The reasons Aiden did this were twofold:

‘I love the concept and CreativeMornings felt different to other meetups happening around town. … I work with designers everyday and wanted to be more actively involved in the creative community in Dublin, and having just moved my business into the Tara Building, it felt like the right timing and perfect home for CreativeMornings/Dublin.’

Given that Aiden is behind choosing the speakers for each event, it’s incredibly difficult for him to choose his favourite. He did it, though! 

His favourite speaker was Will St Leger, someone who has committed his life to art and activism and because, ‘his talk is something that has stuck with me, not least because he did the whole thing without any notes!’

Aiden also introduced music to the events this year, and his favourite musician was actually the first musician he’d had, Jackie Hennessy.

‘It was the first time we’d opened an event with music, The Tara Building was flooded with morning sunshine and Jackie’s beautiful voice just filled up the room’.

It was this that lead CreativeMornings/Dublin to having musicians open the events ever since.