This November, we’re excited to announce our theme of “Bravery.” The theme was chosen by our organizer Blake Howard and the Atlanta team and animated beautifully by fabulous Stewart Scott-Curran who created our monthly illustration.

Bravery is a word that evokes strong emotions, visions of courageous actions and bold examples of heroism. But bravery can take many forms and talks this month reflect that. Featuring powerful stories from speakers like Lumír Němec, former leader of Czech Special Operations Group Prague to Mike Tippett, Director of New Products at Hootsuite Vancouver, the talks this month cover the topics of gall to gut.

In Pittsburgh, artist Vanessa German, founder of “Love Front Porch” will be speaking on how she took a stand after hearing 21 consecutive gunshots in her neighborhood and, in Moscow, journalist Linor Goralik will be talking about her collaboration with a foundation that supports designers who create clothes for disabled people.

To find an November event near you, check out, or follow your local chapter on Twitter. As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk.

We’ll see you there!