“You lose the ‘self,’ the inner critic when in flow state. Work masterfully, keep challenged, and that part of your brain will be quieted.” — Chris Wood, Mystery

“Everyday we meet failure. It’s an opportunity for improvement.” — Sid Mashburn, Moments

“There is a time to call it quits, but you guys, this is not it.” — Brett Trapp, Taboo

“My mindset changed from 'Why me?’ to 'Who can this help?’” — Kate Atwood, Beyond

“I decided to fill my soul vs. my bank account.” — William Massey, Serendipity

“Just because I’m different from you doesn’t mean I owe you an explanation for my difference.” — Barry Lee, Survival

“If we’re gonna be serious about this equality thing, not everyone’s gonna like it.” — Cristen Conger, Equality

“Imagination is not for the fainthearted.” — Susan Booth, Genius

“Compassion cannot happen in a vacuum. You need to feel with people, not at them.” — Kitti Murray, Compassion

“Faith is like a door, deep down inside you, that you have to open.” — Kevin Gillespie, Pioneer