Meet the team: Lassi Valkonen!

Our resident blogger, Specky Scribbler, has been chatting to the members of the CM/Dublin team to introduce them to you, and let you know who’s who in the community. This time, she met with Lassi Valkonen to chat to him about what it is he does.


Lassi is CM/Dublin’s resident videographer. You’ll see him at the back of the room manning a tripod and DSLR camera. However, not only does Lassi film each event in Dublin, he edits the footage and passes it onto us. That way, people who miss the talk get the chance to see it in full on the CreativeMornings/Dublin website.

When Lassi moved to Dublin and started his own business here, he brought with him 6 years of agency experience at a UK-based market research company. That agency specialised in video content, and while he has a wide skill set, his main client focus is on video production and web development.

Like pretty much everyone else on our team, Lassi is a member of The Tara Building co-working community, and it’s that sense of camaraderie that got him involved in CreativeMornings. To support an event such as CreativeMornings is hugely important to Lassi and it allows the space to open itself up to the wider Dublin community once a month.

For Lassi, getting involved in the events was a great way for him to attend inspiring talks and embark in some casual networking. But, as he also points out: ‘The lure of delicious coffee and breakfast pastries was definitely a major selling point!’

Jennie McGinn was our speaker for ‘Pioneer’ and Lassi found her talk to be very inspirational. He found that she connected creative practice with entrepreneurship seamlessly, something that Lassi feels creative people can struggle with.

“Creative types can often focus too much on their own work at the expense of practical business sense, so it’s always great to hear sound advice from someone who has gone through the rigmarole of pitching rounds, funding applications and failed business ventures.”

In 2017, we began asking musicians to perform at the start of our events, and for Lassi, this can been a way for him to effortlessly discover new Irish artists. Pine the Pilcrow performed as part of the #CMDeath talk and Lassi loved ‘the brooding tone of their music, with hints of a folk/trad influence’. They were his favourite act of 2017.

If you want to see some of Lassi’s work you can find him at: