“New year, new me.” Depending on your perspective, that mantra can be empowering, intimidating, or just delightfully ironic. The new year brings determination, but also uncertainty as we take on challenges and personal goals. As we face what’s to come in 2018, we’re going to talk about ANXIETY. How to recognize it, cope with it, and what to do for others who are feeling the world spin a bit too fast.

James Avant IV, founder of OCD Cakes, was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder while he was studying neurobiology at the University of Cincinnati. While seeking treatment, he used the baking skills his grandmother taught him to make elaborate cupcakes. Soon, his side hustle turned into a business, and he started OCD Cakes, which stands for Obsessive Cake Disorder. James uses his business as an opportunity to talk about mental health, finding his own path, and the continual journey of working with whatever life serves you.

 Please join us to hear from James and taste some of the baked goods from OCD Cakes.

Save The Date: January 26, 2017, 8:30 - 10:00 am