As you may, or may not know, everything we do here at CreativeMornings/Dublin is done voluntarily. That’s why we are so grateful for our global sponsors - Adobe, Mail Chimp and WordPress - and our local sponsors, The Tara Building, Intercom, and Coffeeangel. Without our sponsors and our volunteers, we couldn’t make these events happen.

So, as a way to thank our CreativeMornings/Dublin team - we’re going to feature them and introduce them to you all properly. Starting off with our photographer, Nathalie Marquez Courtney.


Nathalie is a photographer and writer who splits her time three ways: shooting lifestyle and travel content for print publications and brands, as Business and Tech Editor of Image Magazine and writing features for other Irish newspapers and magazines.

Really - is there anything she can’t do??

Luckily for us, Nathalie has been capturing the CM/Dublin events through photography. In her words, she’s ‘snapping everything from speakers and performers to the tasty snacks and lovely Tara Building details that make the events as special as they are.’

Nathalie is a member of the Tara community, the coworking space that has hosted our last 6 events. She got involved simply by chatting to the CM/Dublin organiser, Aiden, in the kitchen. She is a huge fan of CreativeMornings, so she was delighted when she was asked to document the events.

If you want to have a look at how she sees the CreativeMornings/Dublin events, check out these albums on Flickr: #CMSurvival, #CMEquality, #CMGenius and #CMDeath.   

We don’t like to just ask easy questions of our team members, though. So we asked Nathalie who her favourite speaker of 2017 was.

‘So hard to pick! I found Will St Leger’s talk phenomenally inspiring and eye-opening. It was incredible to learn about the symbolism of the pink triangle and learn about how powerful design can be.’

If you want to see what she’s talking about, you can watch Will St Leger’s speech here.

We also decided to have music to start off the events, and asked local musicians to play before the speakers take to the proverbial stage. Nathalie’s favourite performer was Jackie Hennessy, who had her first ever solo performance before Anna Cosgrave spoke about Equality.

Nathalie has such a wonderful website, it would be a shame if you didn’t check it out.

And of course, if you want to follow her on social media, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

So, here’s to Nathalie and thanks for the beautiful photos!