Is Street Art powerful?

Ask Solus, who presented at our Creative Morning this morning. When you listen to him describe the impact this form of visual art had on a violent and struggling New York street corner. When you view the creations that have transformed building faces. It’s hard to believe we don’t take every opportunity to explore the powerful world of street art across our city. 
It’s not just painting walls, its telling stories, its sharing journeys and its whispering truths about the things that we don’t like to talk about. Sharing with us some images that have gone viral across the globe, this gifted artist was a pleasure to listen to and well worth getting up that extra bit early this morning to meet! 
So, in a week advertised as “Web Summit Week”; here’s to the IT guy who made the decision to put away the keyboard and follow his creative passion. Thank you Solus for presenting today at our Creative Morning.
**This post was submitted by an attendee**