Context is an underused word for an abstract concept, and it’s the theme of our December breakfast lecture. 

Context is personal. Who are you without the context of your familiar, your job, your background or your friends? You are an individual, but without the context of others you may not feel so well-defined. 

And when you travel to another country or enter the context of another culture, do you feel your individuality or differences all the more acutely? Or do you feel more of a sameness and similarity?

Context can be big and small. Its your personal frame of reference and the bigger picture. It’s what we hold others against and how we perceive ourselves. Without context there’s a lack of understanding. With context, there’s connection.

Everyone is welcome to join us at PictureMusic on Friday, December 15 to hear music producer Kick Lee talk about his life in context. It’s free to enjoy coffee, breakfast and a talk. Join us!