Rounding off our our excellent speaker series for “Audience Takes The Stage” this Friday is our third and final speaker writer, actor, teacher, entrepreneur and pasta connoisseur, Peter Ciuffa

You might know Peter from selling his Artisan pasta at Vancouver Farmer’s Markets. Maybe it’s as part of the team at one of Canada’s best restaurants Savio Volpe. What about his many appearances cooking on CTV or Global, acting on TV shows like Supernatural, or from the stages of NYC? Heck he even created, co-produced & hosted Little Italys for TLN way back when.

However you know him, through his company Pasta Boy Peter, he teaches people to make Fresh Pasta & cook Italian. Peter brings to you his stories & Family traditions so you can have your own Italian Kitchen party. His philosophy, Eat with those you Love!

How do you define creativity and apply it in your life and career?

Creativity is the curiosity and drive to breathe life into an idea. In my life it has been the force which has led me down many paths including producer, director, host, actor, writer, entrepreneur and cook. Some have been more successful than others, but they all stem from my creativity. The hope produced by an idea, is one of the greatest motivators for me to get up each day. Currently it is driving me to combine my passion for food, with my passion for telling a story.

Where do you find your best creative inspiration or energy?

I find my best creative energy comes from my past and the everyday occurrences of my life.

What’s one piece of creative advice or a tip you wish you’d known as a young person?

To have risked even MORE when I was fortunate enough to have lived at home and had the support and time to create, without the worries of putting a roof over my head.

Who (living or dead) would you most enjoy hearing speak at CreativeMornings?

Three people: St. Francis of Assisi, Akira Kurosawa and Charles Baudelaire because of this quote “It is one of the prodigious privileges of art that the horrific, artistically expressed, becomes beauty, and that sorrow, given rhythm and cadence, fills the spirit with a calm joy.”

What fact about you would surprise people?

I played competitive Football at a National Level in CFL stadiums, and have also trained in Ballet and Modern dance on the same floor that Martha Graham taught on.

How would you describe what you do in a single sentence to a stranger?

I throw Italian Cooking Class Experiences where you learn to make pasta and I make you laugh to at least one of my stories!

If you could do anything now, what would you do?

Travel the world telling stories and sharing meals with people.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

By my Father, Lorenzo Ciuffa - “Peter, when you walk through a forest, if you stop and look back every time you get snagged or trip, you will never get out of the forest.”