Next week we’ll be joined by Saya Hillman, “Head Cheese-It” of Mac & Cheese Productions℠, who, in deciding to blaze her own path towards her “Life of Yes℠” through the creation of Mac & Cheese Productions, has helped countless others embrace their own Life of Yes, and all the positivity, self-efficacy, playfulness, & community that comes with. We couldn’t wait until next week to hear from Saya, so check out our brief interview with her below, and set your reminder to register for tickets Monday morning (10/23) starting at 11am!

Details and registration here.

Define what this month’s theme, PIONEER, means to you in one sentence or less.

Either I don’t fit in any of the already existing boxes or already existing boxes lack what I want so I’m going to create my own box and invite others to join me.

List three words that begin with the letter “M” to describe yourself/your personality.


In three words, describe how you felt when you first started Mac & Cheese Productions.

Go, don’t think.…

How do you come up with M&C’s Offerings (e.g. Sleepaway Camp, Idea Potluck)?

I question:

  • what areas of my life are stressful and could be made easier/more enjoyable
  • what am I nostalgic for
  • what do I envy
  • what do I want more of
  • what am I good at that others struggle with
  • what are sources of angst or sadness for others
  • how can I tweak someone else’s XYZ that would put a Life of Yes℠ spin on it
  • what can I create with what I have (physically and skills-wise)
  • how can I make myself feel good
  • how can I make others feel good
  • how can I monetize avenues to fulfillment and personal growth in ways that make sense for who I am and what I bring to the table
  • how can I act now

What is one daily practice/habit that helps you cultivate a Life of Yes?

I work from home so I clean right before I go to bed or right when I wake up (ideally, the former so that I can hit the ground running in the AM). My mind is much more likely to be inspired, relaxed, and motivated when my environment is serene, decluttered, and inviting. I also take cleaning breaks throughout the day, when I still want to be productive but need to get up from the computer and move my body. Some of my best ideas come when I’m scrubbing toilets. (Also why I now have a “housecleaner” branch on the Mac & Cheese tree – get paid to do something I love, am good at, and you hate? OK!).

What’s your favorite thing about being your own boss?

Autonomy – 10AM Tuesday yoga or Trader Joe’s, afternoon naps, wake up slowly via the sun not the alarm, no pants most days, take random days off and spontaneous trips, make decisions without having to run them by anyone, choose when I want to be “on” and interact with others and when I need Saya-Time, adding and subtracting branches to the Mac & Cheese tree when I want, no time-wasters (meetings, protocol, conference calls, office small talk, red tape, inefficient systems).

What is one piece of advice you’d share with someone who wants to blaze a new path for themselves, whether starting a business, going to school, accepting an exciting new role, or making another big life decision?

The Perfect Time Unicorn, and his cousins More Time and Better Time, don’t exist. Stop waiting for the perfect time, more time, or a better time to take that trip, quit your job, move to another city, ask that cute barista out. You will never win that game. All your ducks will never line up. Your future self will not have more time than your current self. There will always be an excuse not to jump. Just jump. Nike the bejeezus out of life and just do it. Whatever it is. You can always change course, you can always come back.