This month’s theme of “Pioneer” was chosen by yours truly, the Denver chapter! That means this is the 59th month of CreativeMornings as the order in which we joined the global community is also the order in which chapters get to select topics.  Accordingly, this is a special month for us being our 4 year anniversary as well!  Props and gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the Denver chapter’s success!  Thank you to the community who attends and shares their interests and passions, the speakers who have invested their time and wisdom, all the venues that have supported us, all the delicious partners who have supplied coffee and breakfast treats, and our sponsors!

Pioneer is fitting theme for Colorado, historically, but also holds true for the big ideas and brave leaps that our state affords going forward, in terms of culture, business, innovation, and adventure.  This beautiful state of ours seems to be in a constant state of pioneering, as we continue to reinvent our capitol city, expand our clout on the international scale, and attract some of the nation’s greatest talent and organizations.

We wanted to select a theme that embraced the overall spirit of our community and also where we are headed.  We hoped to prompt both the local creative community and the worldwide community to explore the idea of “Pioneer.”  We are also eager to learn from others around the world what it means to be pioneering in their lives, business, and cultures. We found the idea of pioneer to be resonant for businesses, for communities, and for the individual. It involves notions of courage, forging into the unknown in pursuit of big dreams, it involves coordination and planning, and it can require both wild gusto and humble grace.  And it evokes a sense of generating possibility, growth, or progress.

The Pioneer illustration ( was created by local Denver designer John Vogl who lets his creativity run wild via The Bungalow (

Join us at the History Colorado Center on October 20th as this month’s speaker is Cathey McClain Finlon, who’s immersed in the future of Colorado creatives and was named to the prestigious Colorado Business Hall of Fame, helps us look forward to what’s possible in our creative lives through the lens of #CMPioneer.