July Community Minutes


1/ Carl

Carl blew us all away with his poem on the importance of professional relationships built on empathy and kindness - feelings that motivated him to start Wurqs - a platform to connect with your contacts and developing these meaningful connections.

W/ wurqs.com

T/ @TheWurqs   @CarlMartin

2/ Lauren

Lauren’s part of the digital agency 360i, they’ve worked with the likes of Ikea and Burger King, and they’re the winners of the best SEO campaign in Europe (no big deal!). They’re currently hiring - check out the careers page on their website below!

Lauren also runs Power Suit Social, social group that aims to keep creativity viable in these uncertain times. Look out for upcoming events and meet ups.

W/ 360i.co.uk   powersuitsocial.com

T/ @powersuitsocial I/ @powersuitsocial

3/ Nadine

Nadine’s a graphic designer and is looking to get into UX design. The best way to learn is by doing, so Nadine’s looking for a junior UX design role. If anyone’s hiring or knows someone who’s hiring or wants to give advice - get in touch!

E/ nadinegrantdesigns@live.co.uk

W/ nadinegrantdesigns.com

T/ @afrocreative I/ @afrocreative

4/ Vicke

Vicke’s a graphic designer and recently got engaged (congrats guys!), which led her to start something new: Weddings By Vicke! She wants to get in touch with new couples, to help get them in touch with their dream suppliers for their dream wedding. Her USP? 0.5 years experience and either incredibly cheap or free! Check out her page and pass on her details.

E/ weddingsbyvicke@gmail.com

F/ facebook.com/weddingsbyvicke

5/ Elise

Elise is an art teacher, a festival programmer, a researcher, a curator and is even part of a choir. A few of her contracts are ending in September, get in touch with her about any opportunities!

E/ eliseboileau@live.fr

6/ Krysten

Krysten’s a UX & Service Designer, she’s looking for freelance work - reach out!

E/ kiaora@krystenvonk.com

W/ krystenvonk.com

7/ Lewis

Lewis is a designer, and he recently turned a shabby warehouse on Hackney Road into a lovely creative space to work. Go and visit Lunar HQ, get in touch if you want more info or pop into one of the evening classes (Elise teaches life drawing there!)

E/ team@lunar-hq.com

W/ lunar-hq.com

I/ @lunar_hq

8/ Francis

Francis was one of our wonderful photographers today and he told us about a project that he started last year, called Artistry. He’s looking for artists and other creatives to have conversations about their work, their interests and the wider world. Also get in touch if you’re looking for a photographer (he’s recently done some work with the amazing @earthwomanlove)!

E/ hello@francisaugusto.co.uk

I/ @takenbyfrancis

9/ Paulo

Paulo just quit his job in a brand strategy agency, as it felt like it was losing meaning. He wants to go back to what makes him tick: the way design can impact culture and have a social message. He’s continuing his project “The Typo News” and is currently looking for freelance work!

E/ paulo_r_l@yahoo.com

W/ cargocollective.com/paulolopes thetyponews.tumblr.com

10/ Sara

Sara’s part of the Ramblers walking group for people in their 20s and 30s. Anyone who’s interested in long walks should join!

E/ sara.bender@gmail.com

W/ metropolitan-walkers.org.uk

11/ Gareth

Gareth runs the Cardiff chapter of Creative Mornings! After a few years of growing frustration with the industry, he’s started an independent branding and graphic design agency, using the founders’ expertise in illustration and typography. They’re looking for projects to start and people to collaborate with!

E/ hello@johnandjane.agency

W/ johnandjane.agency

12/ Priya

Priya’s part of the very lovable CM London team, she had one ask and one piece of great news. The ask: anyone know of any organisations that fund radical/grassroots creative project? The great news: she’s looking for a job that intersects with her interests in art, technology and social change! Let her know! She will offer baked goods in exchange.

E/ priyaljjoshi@gmail.com

W/ patchwork-archivists.org

13/ Melina

Melina’s looking to network and meet people passionate about health, specifically mental health, and how new technology can be used as therapy, for example VR environments or bot chats. She’s looking for a UX creative - get behind this!

E/ melina.gardeazabal@gmail.com

(Photos by Francis Augusto francisaugusto.co.uk)