June Community Minutes

1/ John & Chris

John and Chris are from The Inventors Club - they’re a creative agency who design and make things that should be out there. They’re currently developing technology around AI and are looking for humans to help test it! There are paid user testing groups, but with limited numbers - get in touch to be involved.

W/ theinventorsclub.co.uk

E/ hello@theninventorsclub.co.uk

2/ Carl

Carl is the founder of Wurqs, a platform to keep track of the people you meet and help build those relationships in a way that encourages on mutual growth and opportunity. They’re looking for an iOS developer!  Details below including Carl’s job advert video - apply or retweet and spread the word!

W/ wurqs.com/team

T/ @TheWurqs @CarlMartin

3/ Elise

Elise is helping organise a music festival called Voice Now at Roundhouse 8-9 July. There’s going to be over 1000 singers, including Willy Mason, and Natalie Williams from Ronnie Scotts. Get tickets via the link below, or if you’d like to volunteer, get in touch with Elise (volunteers get free tickets!).

W/ voicesnow.org.uk

E/ elise@voicesnow.org.uk

4/ Lucie

Lucie’s started an initiative called Creativity Saves Me, looking at how creative projects can help us through emotional rollercoasters going on in our lives. She’s looking for people who have done something creative to get through or live with these challenges, and wants to share their stories! Get in touch or spread the word!

W/ creativitysavesme.com

I/ @creativitysavesme

E/ creativitysavesme@gmail.com

5/ Abby

Abby’s looking for some really good writing groups. She writes short fiction and essays herself, and is looking for a group of people who write similar things - ideally something small, independent and exciting. Get in touch if you know of one, or even if you don’t know of one - start a group together!

E/ abby.nocon@gmail.com

6/ Vivian

Vivian’s planning a new collaborative event called Idea Jam for the creative community in London - and she’s doing it alongside two great brands, The Heights London and Wellfed Creative. It’s going to be in August, and Vivian’s looking for a venue. Let her know if you can help!

E/ vivianduong14@gmail.com

F/ facebook.com/IdeaJamLondon

7/ Shaneika

Shaneika’s the cofounder of The Asare Simms film studio and most recently a great iniative called Leading Lines - a space for creative storytellers to get advice, inspiration and a platform. They’re looking for someone to write content - get involved!

E/ shaneika@asaresimms.com

W/ leadinglines.online

T/ @leadinglinesmag

8/ Alakina

Alakina’s a fine artist by trade - she’s been doing murals, including one for Pizza Pilgrims’ new shop. She’s looking to get involved in any small projects. Check out her fantastic work and get in touch.

E/ alakinamann@gmail.com

W/ alakinamann.com

B/ behance.net/Alakinamann

9/ Courtney

Courtney’s part of Columbia University Club of London, and they ran an event earlier this week called “Disruptive technologies: are platforms eating the world?” - hopefully some of our breakfast community managed to make it, otherwise, look out for more events coming up.

W/ london.alumni.columbia.edu

10/ Jess

Jess is from our beautiful friends D&AD, she runs The Academy where 50 bright young creative talented people in the design and art direction industry are nurtured and guided towards their dream career. They’re running a project with Creative Review and are creating a supplement looking at future careers. Jess is looking for anyone interested in talking about the new/invented sector they inhabit, who’s up for disucssing their experiences and working with the graduates in The Academy. Get in touch!

E/ jessica@dandad.org

W/ dandad.org/en/d-ad-new-blood-academy

11/ Bruna

Bruna’s a life coach, practitioner and public speaker focusing on how you can move towards what you really want in life, including personal and career-related choice. Check out her website for information on her events.

W/ brunadepalo.com

12/ Malwina

Malwina’s just finished with her career in corporate education and has a side venture (Minds Over Matter), emphasising the importance of yoga/mindfulness in the workspace. She’s currently thinking about how to address the skills gap between schools and job offers - she’s looking to talk to anyone who works in education!

E/ malwina.koska@gmail.com info@mindsovermatter.co.uk

W/ mindsovermatter.co.uk

13/ Gary

Gary’s a copywriter - everybody needs a copywriter - get in touch with Gary to write copy!

E/ gary@garydoescopy.com

W/ garydoescopy.com

T/ @garydoescopy

(Photos by Paul Fletcher through.photo)