On September 29th, we’ll hear from Rule29 Principal and Creative Director, Justin Ahrens, presenting on September’s theme of Compassion. We reached out to Justin early to share a little insight with you, and he responded during a more than 3,000-mile bike ride! 

That bike ride, his project Wheels4Water, has, since 2014, aimed to bring awareness and funds to community water projects throughout Africa. With the help of communities across America, the 2014-2016 rides raised more than $230,000. In 2017, W4W is bringing clean water & sanitation to a school and village in Uganda, and hopes to bring the total number of people who have gained access to safe water through their work to 10,000. 

Join us on September 29th at Savage Smyth, and check out our Q&A with Justin below!

Define what this month’s theme, Compassion, means to you in one sentence or less.

    For me, compassion means the idea to give of oneself, or one’s possessions was never invented. It is an innate part of humanity. We give to share. We give to love. We give to make the world a better place.

    What does it mean to you to “make creative matter”?

      This is part of how I typically describe it:

      We understand design changes our experience.

      We know stories shape us.

      That wonder awakens us.

      And the only way that tomorrow will be better than today…

      Is if we help others see possibility more clearly.

      And this is why we make creative matter.

      List three words that begin with the letter “C” to describe yourself/your personality.

        - Curious

        - Collaborator

        - Caring

        Can you share a person or project that embodies your definition of compassion?

          Sister Mary Corita Kent: I loved her passion coming through in her art and how she wanted to influence others to see the world differently -  http://corita.org/

          What are the top three places you find inspiration?

            - Music

            - Making space to shoot images daily

            - Travel & Adventure

            How does your work with Rule29 influence your nonprofit/charity work?

              The work is really intertwined. Each type of work we do really informs and makes the other types of work better. Primarily in the way we ask questions and the posture we take whether its for profit or non-profit. In many ways the exploring, process and developing of the story for each now looks very similar but continues to evolve.

              Where did the name ‘Rule29’ come from?

                We wanted a name that would make people ask what the meaning was and then we tell them…