Join us this Friday at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts to hear from JC Rivera, the Chicago-based artist known famously for his character The Bear Champ. JC will be presenting on June’s theme of Survival. Check out our Q&A with him below, and grab your ticket today!

Define this month’s theme, Survival, in one sentence or less.
Roll with the punches, Continue your hustle.

How does Chicago influence you or your work?
Chicago influences me every day. The People, The Culture. The way everyones work hard to stand out and leave their mark.

List three words that begin with the letter “P” to describe yourself/your personality.
Persistent, Pioneering, Passionate.List the top three places you find inspiration.
Watching Clouds, A blank canvas, Sitting on an airplane.

You’re a master of many mediums! You have a fine arts background, you’ve designed toys, collaborated with Bucketfeet on shoes, and of course you’re incredibly talented with a spray can – are there any other mediums you’ve dabbled with, or are interested in trying in the future?
Photography is always something I’ve been interested in. Something about capturing a moment that can’t never be duplicated.

You’ve mentioned wanting Bear Champ to have his own TV show. How do you see this coming to life? Are you interested in animation?
Like every kid, I spent hours watching cartoons growing up. I won’t stop until I make this happen. I’m interested in collaborating with an animator to bring The Bear Champ to life.

What is your favorite part of the mural creation process?
Knowing that people enjoy it. Seeing that is an inspiration for others.

What is one of the best interactions you’ve had with a passerby while painting a mural?
Dad jumping out of a car to take a picture with me, Getting hugged and kissed by someone that really liked my work. When someones yields “The Bear Dude” from a car or riding a bike.