We asked Billy Craven, owner and founder of Galerie F, a few more questions outside of May’s awesome event. Enjoy below, and get excited for June’s event with artist JC Rivera this coming Friday, June 23rd!

Define this month’s theme, Serendipity, in one sentence or less.
a happy accident.List three words that begin with the letter “F” to describe yourself/your personality.
1. Foundation
2. Forthright
3. Family

What are the top three places you find inspiration?
1. Walking the streets
2. Alleys, sidestreets…off of the beaten path
3. used book stores

Why did you decide to open Gallerie F? Why did you want to make it an open-door gallery?
the 2 primary reasons…
1. as an artist, I became aware that there was a great under-abundance of galleries that featured screen prints, affordable art [without being ‘crafty’] and that supported local street artists
2. as a consumer, I also realized that so many Chicago galleries were by appointment only, open once a month for 'neighborhood night’, etcWhat initially made you want to document street art and graffiti?
it might have originally been triggered by my shyness, sort of a social crutch in order to deal with being amongst vast numbers of bustling human beings in NYC! But really, while living in NYC, I became intrigued by the vast variety of art and artists, the ephemeral nature, the layers on layers, my growing awareness of graffiti and street art history while hunting for art, hunting for work by deceased artists and writers, the need to find something by someone that I felt was rare, the competition amongst artists, the competition for real estate by artists, the humor and wit and the realization that all of the little pieces of the puzzle that I was documenting were far more important the average person believed…I didn’t necessarily think of street art and graffiti as vandalization, but instead likened it to a type of folk art.Have you ever wanted to do street art or graffiti of your own?

Yes, I dabbled….but I stand by on the old cliche of 'those who can’t, document.’