When you think of equality, where does your mind go? Race, gender, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities? Maybe clean water, food, housing, work opportunities, health care? What effective actions have you seen people take to fight for equality? What actions have you taken—or can you take—to challenge persisting inequitie?

Human creativity has a way of rising to the top in times of injustice—to drive awareness and stimulate new cultural perceptions and change. In 1964, the legendary African-American soul singer Nina Simone released “Mississippi Goddamn,” one of the most well-known protest songs written during the Civil Rights Movement, demanding equality for African Americans. Between 1973 and 1975, feminist artists Margaret Harrison, Kay Hunt, and Mary Kelly conducted a detailed study on women’s work in a metal box factory in London, which resulted in a conceptual installation, Women and Work: A Document on the Division of Labour in Industry—taking a sociological approach, this work told the stories of more than 150 working women who, despite the implementation of England’s Equal Pay Act during this time, were still experiencing inequality in the workplace.

 More recently, in 2012, the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song, “Same Love” not only promotes acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ community but also reminds us that we need to fight for equality for everyone.

 Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Each of us has unique talents we can leverage to promote equality in our communities, to serve those we love and foster compassion in others. So, how will you use your talents? How will you rouse a new story of equality?

 Join us on July 14th to hear Damon McLeese, the Executive Director of Access Gallery/VSA Colorado discuss how the theme of equality plays into his personal and professional missions, 8:30am at Gensler. For a preview, check out Damon's TEDxMileHigh talk from last year. Tickets for July’s event will be available beginning Monday, July 10th at 9am.


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