Last March we were lucky to be joined by Pinar Ogun who gave a talk on the theme of taboo. We loved her different style of presenting, and we were also very happy to see some new faces join us. So we asked some of our MorningPeople what they thought about Pinar’s talk. Here’s what they said…. 


“I’d been wanting to get to the Cardiff CM for ages, but one thing or another meant that I’d not been able to get there. This month, I finally made it, and it didn’t disappoint! It was really great to be amongst other creatives and listen to the incredibly inspiring Pinar Ogun talk about her experiences relating to the topic of ‘Taboo’. The atmosphere was really relaxed and generally just felt like a nice place to get the day off to a good start! I’ll definitely be going again.”

Josh Bedford - Illustrate Digital.


“Pinar’s talk was so passionate and moving. It’s so nice to listen to someone who is clearly speaking from the heart. One quote that has stuck with me was when Pinar spoke about a group of young people she had worked with. A group that had led quite difficult lives. Pinar said, ‘They were younger than I was, but somehow they were so much older.’ As someone that works with children, that really resonated with me. Thank you Pinar.”

Gareth Thomas - Made Clear


“My introduction to Creative Morning in Cardiff was the Taboo talk by Pinar Ogun. Pioneer’s talk was inspiring, challenging and heart breaking as she brought us along with her through the story of how and why she is doing what she is doing.

I’m new to the city and it was really great to meet a lot of people who are working in creative areas. Everyone was so friendly and eager to talk, whether people knew each other already or it was a first encounter. It was really interesting to see the diversity of the creative sector in Cardiff and I am looking forward to the next one.”

Lizzy Willmington, Student / Law School at Cardiff University.

You can watch Pinar’s talk here. 

Check out event photos here.