April Community Minutes

Here are the Community Minutes from our last event! YAY!

1/ Kayna

In Kayna’s words, she’s looking to ditch her 9 to 5 to make her 5 to 9 her 9 to 5. She’s currently a therapist but wants to become a motion designer. She’s looking to swap skills with someone who knows about whiteboard film - someone who’s good with cinema 4D for support with whiteboard animation, hopefully it will be a pitch project that will make her a full time creative!

E/ mrspaupang@hotmail.com

F/ facebook.com/dana.hunterpau

2/ Steven

Steven’s freelancing for now but is looking for something more permanent in a business development/creative role. If you know anyone looking or of any opportunities - let him know!

L/ uk.linkedin.com/in/stevenfcurrie

E/ stevenfcurrie@gmail.com

3/ Frankie

Frankie’s the creative mastermind behind The Design Kids, a platform developed to celebrate and connect the next generation of creatives with the professional industry and beyond. She worked in the design industry for 12 years and believes that students are unsupported, so The Design Kids was started to help students figure out what they really want to do. Frankie’s been travelling round the world and is looking for students, grads, lecturers and creative directors (esp. if you’re not from this country) to join the community and showcase what the design industry looks like from the inside out.

E/ bonjour@thedesignkids.org

T/ @thedesignkids

I/ @thedesignkids

4/ Sam

A life-changing injury hasn’t stopped Sam’s determination and she’s doing a bunch of charity challenges, such as Senate House Abseil, Swim for Wildlife and MacMillan Peak District Mighty Hike, in the coming months. Any donations or sponsorship would be very helpful. Check out the details in her blog - and Happy Birthday for last week Sam!

W/ 2standandstare.wordpress.com/

5/ Frankie

Frankie’s from TCA, “Amazon’s #1 sportswear brand” - it’s a small team that’s growing very quickly and they’re looking to hire a graphic designer. So if you’re passionate about sports, fitness, design and creativity, get in touch!

E/ frankie@tca.fit

6/ Carl

Carl’s the mind behind Wurqs, an emotional intelligence platform looking to connect people. They’re hoping to dedicate 5% of profits to charities and diversity-driven initiatives. He’s on the lookout for places to invest in - so let him know of any opportunities.

W/ wurqs.com

T/ @carlmartin

E/ carl@wurqs.com

7/ Sam

Sam’s 12-month creative project 12by16 is gaining traction - get in touch if you’re interested. But this time, he told us about his full time job as a music manager for a big range of bands at Everybody’s. He wants to know more about VR and 360 landscapes a bit more - get in touch if you’ve got ideas!

W/ 12by16.tumblr.com

E/ sam@everybody-s.com

T/ @s_furness_

8/ Anon

This wonderful lady told us about a speaker series she’s started and she’s looking for people of all ages, men women, all colours, all backgrounds, to speak to big agencies and share what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get her name or contact at the end - if this is you, let us know and we’ll add all your details asap!

9/ Lewis

Lewis runs Lunar HQ, a really cool new co-working space on Hackney Road. They want to run creative workshops, so if you’ve got any skills that you want to share with the world - chat to Lewis!

E/ team@lunar-hq.com

I/ @lunar_hq

10/ Margot

Margot runs Creative Mornings in Minsk (woop!). She’s going to be talking at a conference in Belarus about technologies in creative industries, like VR and new media for artists etc. Get in touch if you have thoughts, ideas and things to talk about!

Margot - we didn’t get your details at the end! Send us your email address and we’ll add it asap.

11/ Abby

Abby quit her job last week and now she’s a freelance copywriter. She’s worked for big brands and startups, so if you’re working on a cool project and need content - let her know. She’s also setting up an agency called Needs More Salt - matchmaking people in the music industry with creatives.

E: abigail.worth@gmail.com

T: @abbingtonbear

I: @abbingtonbear

12/ Toni

Toni studied Fine Art at university, she happened to get into graphic design and she loved it. Toni’s looking for any creative opportunities out there, ideally she wants to work in a design studio but any freelance work is great too  - she likes mixed media and her style is quite experimental, check out her work below.

E/ thollisdesign@gmail.com

W/ t-hollis.com

I/ @tonihollis

13/ Kirsten

Kirsten’s an actress and she’s also part of a collective of eight theatre creatives called Think Tank Arts. They have a new venue in Streatham Hill (South London), they want to invigorate their community and are looking for people to bring in and encourage a creative spirit in that space. They’re also looking for board members from a range of backgrounds.

E/ k_m.foster@yahoo.co.uk

W/ thinktankstreatham.co.uk

T/ @thinktankarts

T/ @k1rstenf0ster

14/ Alex

Alex pointed us to three more wonderful communities including Coding and Cocktails, a new and accessible event open to women who want to see if coding is for them.

T/ @codingandcocktails

- Thursday was especially busy and we didn’t get Alex’s details either, or the details of the other two communities he shouted out. Alex - get in touch with us!

15/ Rose

Rose is our social media maestro, and also works for General Assembly - they’re launching a monthly series called “I Fucked Up”, they want to hear from any creatives about how you fucked up and what you did about it. Look out for info via Twitter.

T/ @GA_London

16/ Bianca

Bianca’s the reason we get delicious OZone coffee every month at CM London. They’ve got lots of cool things going on, including workshops and supper clubs. Keep up-to-date with their Facebook page!

F/ facebook.com/ozonecoffeeuk

17/ Edd

Edd’s doing his A Level’s at the moment and came all the way from Exeter to Aldgate. He’s doing English, History and Graphics, and his main passion is in graphics - he’s developed a fashion brand and is looking to expand his network. Get in touch if you’d like to talk!

E/ ed.gibbs@hotmail.co.uk

T/ @edd_gibbs

I/ @eddgibbs

18/ Sree

Sree’s graduating from the Royal College of Art’s Global Innovation Design Programme today and she wanted to invite us all to the RCA final grad show on 24th June. Her own background’s in UX and she’s designed/worked for companies in New York and Japan over the past couple of years.

E/ sreelakshmi.menon@network.rca.ac.uk

T/ @slvmenon

I/ @slvmenon

See you in May, lovely people!