Our recent speaker Suzanne has been reflecting on her talk and experience… 

So here I am out the other side of my Cardiff CM talk and marveling at the persuasive powers that some people possess. I’m a great fan of Cardiff CM and of the team that give so much of their time and energy to driving it but I’ll admit that I wasn’t much enamoured with the concept of speaking. I turn up each month relaxed; safe in the knowledge that some other creative soul, with much more interesting things to say, will regail me with stories of their work/life battles/achievements and impress me with their brilliance. Combined with free coffee and some friendly networking it’s an agreeable way to start a day.

So having been cajoled into sharing a few moments of my own story; how would I describe the experience?  Well, true to form both the team and the audience were warm, supportive and responsive. Month after month  this coming together of familiar, friendly faces makes the world feel like a sunnier place and so it felt good to give a tiny bit in return.

I was acutely aware that people had a small window of time before their work beckoned and they had to get on with their day. It’s been a long life - I edited hard. In hindsight I left some major things out and put some minor things in. Maybe I gave people the wrong end of the stick. Maybe I need to do another talk just to clarify what I said and didn’t say the first time around. And maybe I shouldn’t say another word. Hindsight, apparently it’s a wonderful thing.
Ultimately, thanks to everyone involved, I can honestly say I’d recommend it. Whether you feel you’ve got something to say or not, if Melin or one of the team get in touch, say yes. I can assure you that the CM crowd are very, very good listeners.

Watch Suzanne’s inspiring talk here