This Friday we’re welcoming Elise Swopes to the CreativeMornings stage! For April’s theme of Beyond, who better to share with us than a Chicago photographer/designer who has built her massive Instagram following and career by combining photography and imaginative editing to create surreal dreamscapes, often centered on our own city?

Join us this Friday, April 21st, at Odyssey Chicago–or tune into the livestream on our Facebook page–and check out our Q&A with Elise below! 

Define this month’s theme, Beyond, in one sentence or less. There’s way too many tools available at our finger tips to not go above and beyond. List three words that begin with the letter “F” to describe your personality. Funny, faithful, and fearless List the top three places you find inspiration. helicopter, rooftop of a building & my mind Your presentation is going to be on a boat! I’m sure many of us will be snapping more pics than usual. What’s one tip you would give to the casual/amateur photographer to challenge or push their style (whether a photography tip, a fun tool/app, etc.)? Shoot as much as possible at every angle at every moment. You’ll look back and be happy you had more images to choose from when editing. Some fun apps are Filterstorm, Artstudio, Photoshop Mix and Mextures. What is your dream shoot location right now? My dream shoot location would be in Hong Kong.