We recently published the brilliant Gavin Strange’s CreativeMorning talk on Love. His passion for what he does was tangible and we all left reeling from his barrage of inspiration and gifs! Our partners for that month were the talented group that make up BrandSixtyEight, a group of design and branding specialists based in Cardiff Bay. Director James Horsham was inspired to do a write up:

We really enjoyed supporting CreativeMornings and particularly enjoyed the theme of love and Gavin chose ‘love what you do’ as his take on it.

There were about 100 in the room eagerly awaiting his start and when he did he didn’t disappoint.

The rap music began and Gavin very naturally danced his way into his talk. I think everybody was a bit surprised but at the same time excited about what was coming. The good news is the man can dance. I remember thinking at the time ‘a big entrance, hope the rest is as good’ and it was.

Gavin clearly has a lot of energy and a genuine love of life, his family and his work. His presentation never stood still. He talks at a million miles per hour and his slides go at a similar pace. I was amazed at how he managed to go so fast and keep everything in sync.

Gavin packed so much in and came at it with so much pace and energy it was hard to fully absorb. What I do remember and what I have taken from it is if you love what you do and you work hard you will be successful. I don’t mean in monetary terms; I mean emotionally successful. Gavin clearly loves his job at Aardman, he loves his personal work under his Jam Factory brand and he loves his wife and her hand made Jewellery business which he is also involved in. He’s also written his first book Do Fly, which is the latest addition to the DO lecture book series. It’s hard to imagine how he ever has a spare minute, but be admits that if you love what you do its never work.

I’m a pretty busy person running Brand Sixty Eight in two countries and the one thing in my life that that slowed me down and diverted some of my attention was Children. I remember Gavin talking about wanting to be a dad and not just any dad, he wants to be “the best dad in the world”. I remember thinking how much I love being a dad but at the same time how much ‘what you do’ changes.

I’m convinced Gavin will make a great dad and that next chapter in his life will undoubtedly be the most rewarding. We wish him well and if we have a topic of ‘Change’ after he’s experience child rearing and we will welcome him back!

Check out Gavin’s talk for yourself here:  https://creativemornings.com/talks/gavin-strange/1