April’s theme, BEYOND was chosen by our Bangaluru chapter. This mesmerizing Escheresque illustration was produced by the talented Ranganath Krishnamani. We want to shoutout our ever supportive global sponsor Shutterstock who is presenting this month’s theme.

We loved the thoughtful rationale for this month’s theme put together by CreativeMornings HQ:

We are tempted by the possibilities of the beyond. Whether it’s deep space, the range of our talents, or a first date, our minds conjure stories that carry us aloft.

This unwavering, deep-seated determination to go far and wide is the fire that which keeps us alive, always marching forward, determined to lift the veils that are hiding unfounded beauty.

What a trait to embody. Without the urge to go beyond perceived limitations or boundaries, we would be a dull, stagnating species indeed. The price to go beyond anything is never free; we’re called to face our fears, and the reward of reaching that next level is the privilege to do it again.