CreativeMornings Gothenburg is beyond excited to present Jenny Segergren as this month’s speaker. Jenny runs Modepodden, a thriving podcast series that portrays Scandinavian fashion icons. Its ambition is to inspire and give a new dimension to the fashion industry and showcase the drive and innovation power behind Scandinavian fashion.

Lisa Axelsson had a chat with Jenny to see what’s in store for the Gothenburg crowd.

Hey Jenny, please tell us a bit more about you!
– Hi yah! I’m an engineer, business developer and product specialist who’s vastly interested in how to make businesses grow through creative processes. I’ve also got a great passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and fashion – especially in that combination. I’ve always been very fond of clothes, something I inherited from my grandmother. When I was on maternity leave in 2013 I had a self-revelation – I should start a podcast where I interviewed famous entrepreneurs and creators from the fashion industry! I wanted to examine the industry from a different perspective and let the listeners get to know who these people behind the fashion really are. I’ve never studied journalism or anything like it, but I guess my genuine interest in the subject made it work because now it’s become more of a platform. Aside from the pod cast with both pre-recorded and live episides, it has also evolved into a blog, an Instagram account that serves as an inspiration channel for many.

Which of all meetings with famous fashion icons have made the greatest impression on you?
– I truly learn something new at every interview. A person who left an impression on me was Efva Attling who almost felt like a mentor in some way. What a true humanist! But then I’m also a sucker for innovation, so my interview with Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg from Swedish Stockings, really inspired me.

How come the guests get to make their own playlist?
– Frankly I needed to have a recurring segment in the pod. Music definitely fit as a creative channel as it is a form of expression. I also liked the idea that there was something physically left after the interviews. So now we’ve got the most famous Swedish fashion icon’s favourite music gathered in one place.

How have you chosen to interpret April’s topic ”beyond”?
– I’m going beyond fashion! I have an emotional fashion drive. I consume fashion as others would consume popular culture – I admire and appreciate the craftsmanship behind it. Usually when you say “fashion”, people tend to think about bloggers, fashionistas, beautiful magazines and that “it’s not really for me.“ But I feel like there’s much more to it and that a lot of people are missing out on something incredibly interesting. I want to get away from the excluding, elitistic fashion concept, and I want to share my perception. My talk will consist of the story behind my creative process, how Modepodden evolved and how it really looks like behind the scenes in the fashion industry. It will truly beyond fashion!

A few short questions: What inspires you?
– People.

What makes you happy and why?
– My children. They’re everything; in big as in small.

If you had one super power, what would that be?
– Hm, not to run super fast because I’m already a fast runner. Fly! Then I’d have time for even more fun things and sometimes it’d be nice to get away from “the earthly logistics”.

What is the best advice you ever have received?
– You’re good as you are.


Don’t miss Jenny’s talk at CreativeMornings Gothenburg on April 28. The tickets are as always free, but of a strictly limited quantity, and are released on Monday, April 24 at 11:00am sharp.

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