Dots Do Dots 

How calculating would the conversations be at an AccountingMornings/Montreal event? 

How would the spirit be animated at a Coroner’s Mornings/Montreal event? 

How risky would the exchanges be at an InsuranceMornings/Montreal event? 

These are honorable and important professions. Their contributions to society are essential. However, the tête-à-têtes that would emerge over a coffee would be quite precise, particular, and punishingly painful. 

I wonder how ‘they’ would describe the conversations at CreativeMornings/Montréal : Whacky? Wonky? Whimsical? Whatever?

Yes, that’s it ; they are correct : Whatever! Our conversations take us to Whateverland. Anywhere we want. No Borders. No Walls. Limitless. Like helium balloons we float and bounce and stick and shock. We can be tied to each other in twos, threes, and fours. We come in all colours and sizes ; we have patterns and piercings and sometimes we even burst. No rules to restrict the drifting direction of our connection. How lucky are we?

Elon Musk would do well to study how to harness the power of our combined electric and creative energy. But we don’t really need Elon, we have Dots. What?  Dots?

DOTS DO DOTS:  To capture and harness the power of collaboration in our creative community, and provide a stage to share these compelling and connecting stories.

WHAT sort of imaginative flurry or even an avalanche of discussions occur in the moments or days after each CreativeMornings/Montréal event?

WHAT positive outcomes resulted? Outcomes that would not have happened if not for the monthly communal gatherings of a group of inspired like-minded, or more important - unlike- minded people?

WHO are these people, and what did they build together, a friendship, an idea, an initiative, a service, a business, or even a failure?

HOW many success stories have been ignited by haphazard conversations amongst the CreativeMornings/Montréal populace?

WHERE did this take them, and what was the creative process?

WHY did this happen? Why does the assemblage of creative minded people at our CreativeMornings/Montréal events bring out thoughts of innovation, processes for advancement, and foundations for betterment? These stories are what powers us to keep coming back.

When this occurs, we can say that we have built micro Creative Moments amongst the macro CreativeMornings. Who knows where these Micro Moments lead to?

HOW many dots have been connected in the audience? How many balloons danced, bounced, burst or stuck? It’s raining balloons, hallelujah!

Let’s count the synergies.

Ours is a short story of DOTS DO DOTS DO DOTS. One CreativeMornings converted into three friendships. One CreativeMornings encounter became an avalanche of ideas. One CreativeMornings brought out the humanity in each of us, the eagerness and unselfish willingness to help, inspire, and motivate each other. 

Véronique, Chantal and Steve became a team, we became friends. A Millennial, a Generation X’er and a Baby-Boomer.  Where else could this occur? Thank you CreativeMornings/Montréal!

CreativeMornings/Montréal would like to hear your stories. Take a moment and share your DOTS DO DOTS story. It’s simple, it’s inspiring. 

Let’s power up our community with y/our whacky, wonky, whimsical, and even whatever stories? Take us to Whateverland.


Text : Steve Robins 

Photography : Tora Chirila