Did you miss Cheryl Pope at Savage Smyth last month? Check out some of the highlights and thoughts fellow CreativeMornings folks shared on Instagram and Twitter during her talk on Moments!

Creative Mornings Chi (@chicago_cm) was phenomenal this month. Thank you, @cherylpope, for listening, for seeing, for acting. Thank you, @savagesmyth for hosting us. . “The role of the artist is to make the invisible felt. To help a people understand their experience. To document this search and understanding. To challenge, question, and ask. To shed light in dark places. To listen. … I believe listening to be the most political act. Listening with the body, with all the senses, keenly, and acutely for the individual and obtuse for a group, a community, a society. . The act of listening is the foundation of my practice. It is listening to language, body language, relationships, histories, objects that contain meaning, that speak power, that tell lies, or hide truths, noticing, asking, and interpreting the poetics, the mapping, and remembering… But this lens of listening isn’t a garment to take on or off but rather it is my skin, permanent, attentive, in time, asking, listening, feeling, holding, and performing.” . #cmtakeaways

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