Dentro del tema global Tabú, queremos compartir con vosotros la publicación de Antonia Eraud, artista y terapeuta creativa:

4 Creative Self-Coaching Exercises To Understand Your Sexuality 


Even if you are supposed to say everything you have to say to your therapist, your coach or your best friend, there are some subjects that stay taboo and embarrassing. Sex may be one of those subjects you would like to discuss more and you restrict yourself when the opportunity is there.

I grew up in a catholic family where we don’t even say that we are going to the toilets: “I am going somewhere” or “where can I wash my hands?” are just more appropriate. Talking about sex was out of question. However, in my opinion, our sexual life must be one of those subjects we develop mindfulness on & work on, among all the traditional subjects in personal development: career change, emotional intelligence… In fact, being more mindful about sex can only help us to have better connections, to improve our sexual energy and overall to be happier & happier.

How could we work on sex with fun & relaxation? How could we have the big picture of our sex life? This is where your creativity has the answer. By setting the right intention, your creative work & your imagination will speak to you and let you know what it is going inside. The good news is you can do that by yourself and far from your fear of being judged by others.

Here are few self-coaching creative exercises to start with:

  • Creative writing: “For me, sex is…” – write automatically, without thinking - just writing down all the ideas that come to your mind. If you prefer to do a list, that’s just fine. After writing, you will want to re-read yourself and identify interesting points. This exercise will help you to understand what your beliefs are about sex.
  • To-Remember List: Identify 10 moments of your life connected to sex. Are they positive? Are they negative? Can see you a change of your attitude towards sex when you put them in a chronological order? Give a title to each significant moments. The first word that comes to your mind will be just perfect. Find the logic in your behaviour. For sure, there are some patterns.  
  • Visualisation: With the help of a meditative sort of music, you can visualize your reproductive system, self-hypnose yourself for few minutes & listen to your body. You may feel some discomfort, some embarrassment or on the contrary, some joy, some peacefulness. Write down your sensations & keep track of the evolution. This is a good exercise to take care of your sexual health.
  • Intuitive drawing: “Represent your sexual life” – draw intuitively for few minutes and then identifying symbols, interpreting colours & drawing your conclusions will be fun. You will be able to know where you are at the present moment as far as sex is concerned.

YOU GOT IT. Your unconscious & your imagination will show you things you are not aware of and you will be able to understand yourself better in order to change things in your intimate relationships.

I used to see myself as someone reserved & prudish. What a discovery to see that my attitude had evolved! I may not be the most extravagant girl in the world but I have definitely gained some confidence and it is so good to know it through creative exercises! My drawings have allowed me to see the change in me. This is the point where I will keep things for myself :-)

If I can give you one more tip, it will be: T-A-K-E  A-C-T-I-O-N. It’s interesting to understand yourself and to have found out that actually, there may be still a block here and there. It’s even more interesting when you can talk about your block w/ your partner or when you decide to take care of your sexual health through naturopathy for example… Let your creativity guide you and give it a role in reality!

Antonia Eraud