It’s CreativeMornings time again! Registration opens at 11am today to hear Leah Ball weigh in on this month’s theme, Taboo!

Leah, an artist and community organizer, uses art to fiercely challenge the concept that female pleasure and other feminist ideas shouldn’t be discussed or celebrated.

Check out our Q&A with her below, and join us this Friday, March 31st, at Braintree!

Define this month’s theme, Taboo, in one sentence or less.

topics, actions, behavior that exists outside of societal norms and make us uncomfortable

List three words that begin with the letter “L” to describe your personality.




List the top three places you find inspiration.



sexual behavior

Do you have a favorite memory exhibiting your work? Or a favorite response to your work?

Summer open-air markets are really fun because my work elicits such a strong response. I like catching people’s initial reaction, whether joy, shock, repulsion.

I understand your work in ceramics developed out of a desire to make displays for your jewelry. Are there other media that you are interested in expanding your work into?

VIDEO! I have some exciting plans in the works.

What’s your favorite background sound (music, podcasts, etc.) when working in your studio?

Podcasts: Unscrewed, Invisibilia, The Heart

Love audio books, especially murder mysteries or sci-fi for the studio. LOTS of music. mostly music.