Malkia Stampley is an actor, director, and producer who returned home to Milwaukee after working in New York and Chicago and co-founded  Bronzeville Arts Ensemble, where she is now the Artistic Director. Bronzeville Arts Ensemble illuminates the Black experience in America through theater and creates artistic and educational opportunities. Below we caught up with Malkia to get to know her better.

What do you typically eat for breakfast? A green smoothie: avocado, flax, chia seed, mixed berries, Amazing Green green tea + lime powder, spring mix greens, coconut water. 

What do people know you for? That I am an actor, mom, wife and vegan. 

How is Milwaukee special to you? I was born and raised here.

What may people not know about you? I cannot watch horror or thriller movies…and even heated confrontations make me anxious.

What drives your creativity? Collaboration.

What are you going to talk to us about this month? I will explore taboos (some widely recognized and others I will dare to diagnose) in our local and national theater community as well as touch on the entertainment industry as a whole through the lens of an artist of color. 

Ticket registration for “Taboo” opens here Monday, March 27th at 11AM CST. Grab a ticket as fast as you can they are free but limited!