We’d like to take a moment to announce Christopher Rouleau as our speaker for February’s theme of Moments.

See what we did there. :)

We’ve been obsessed with Christopher’s Instagram for over a year, watching his daily imaginative alphabets come to life (If you haven’t seen his project 12 Months of Type prepare to be blown away). His dedication to executing on daily inspiration make him a perfect fit for this theme.

You may also know Chris by way of Ligatures – Toronto’s Typography hub. A group Chris co-founded, where he continues to instruct local lettering aficionados.

Regularly featured in Spacing, Flare, and Uppercase Magazine, Chris was also a fixture at City of Craft offering live-hand lettered posters. His use of analog brush lettering techniques evoke the pre-digital commercial arts style of the 1940s-1960s, that combined with his signature wit result in work that feels fresh and contemporary.

Generic Inspiration Message might just be our favourite.

Talk to him about collecting antique signage, his obsession with lettering Toronto, Canada and the Great Lakes and finding inspiration while travelling.

When he’s not out in the world speaking about typography and lettering you can find him working on new projects at his Ossington studio.