We do our best to give you great talks, inspiring spaces, and tasty coffee every month, but the best part of CreativeMornings is the people. So we’re showcasing a few of the faces of CMSF, and you could be next!

Meet Melody

What’s your day job?

I am a Product Designer at Instabeat, a company that makes wearables for swimmers to train like a champion. I talk to swimmers to understand their needs and problems, discuss the scope with stakeholders based on our company’s resources and priorities. Then, with all those criteria in mind, I proceed to design a mobile app for swimmers. (Am I editing my Linkedin Profile?) We are always looking for swimmers to test our product, please contact me if you are interested in being a tester :) !

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Tough question. I grew up in Hong Kong where I was used to eating all kinds of different food for breakfast everyday. I really don’t have a favorite that I always fall back on. What I eat for breakfast really depends on what I feel like when I wake up, what’s in the fridge and how much time I have.

If I feel like eating sweet and have enough time, I may leave home 20 mins earlier to stop at a Chinese bakery to get warm pineapple custard bun straight out from the oven. If I don’t have enough time, I may make toasts with half-inch-thick of Nutella spread on top. If I feel like eating savory, I may scramble some eggs with herbs or I may eat a croissant. My list of breakfast food can go on and on without repeating. However, I definitely don’t like to eat cereals with milk or energy bars for breakfast.

Where’s a place you’d stop on a free afternoon in SF?

SFMOMA, the space in the new SFMOMA gives me such calming effect that nowhere else in SF matches. I can look at Gerhard Richter or Agnes Martin’s works all day.

What’s one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

The 1985 movie ‘Brazil’ I watched at the Roxie Theater on Christmas Day. Besides loving all the surrealist plots, settings and costumes in the movie, I was particularly inspired by the idea of it being “unapologetically ridiculous and intentional” all at the same time. It feels like a fresh air for me and makes me more comfortable being absolutely ridiculous.

In the spirit of this month’s Mystery theme, tells us an answer about you, that you only know the question.


You can find Melody at @allegretto_vivace and mel0dy.com.