On Friday, February 24th, we’re returning with “Moments” ft. Daniel Holter

Daniel Holter is a producer, mixer, composer, and songwriter and partner behind Wire & Vice, recording studio located in a 1920s-era post office just outside of Milwaukee. Daniel has mixed music by bands and artists such as Nick Lowe, Field Report, Over The Rhine, Amos Lee, Blitzen Trapper, YØUTH, David Choi, among many others. Daniel is also a co-founder of The License Lab, an independent resource for producers, editors and music supervisors. Below we caught up with Daniel to get to know him better.

What do you typically eat for breakfast? Sendik's fresh squeezed OJ is ridiculously great. I have a glass every morning. And my youngest son loves Cinnamon Life… so I grab a bowl of that most mornings, too, as a nod to him. Also, Valentine or Colectivo coffee.

What do people know you for? I suppose as a music producer, though most of the work they might have heard is the stuff usually unnoticed in a typical day… background music on their favorite tv show, commercial music for advertising, that sort of thing. I wrote the music for the launch of the original electric car, the EV-1 by GM, way back in 1999. Was also the composer for a whole bunch of Mad Men promos. I hope that this year means people know me more as the producer and mixer for two of Milwaukee’s most talented sons, Sam Ahmed (as WebsterX) and Chris Porterfield (as Field Report).

How is Milwaukee special to you? Number one, I moved back from LA and to have my kids be raised here. So, this is home. And two, the fact that Milwaukee Wisconsin has a special place in the world of music in all kinds of ways: Les Paul and the invention of both the electric guitar and multitrack recording in my hometown of Waukesha, Summerfest being the world’s largest music festival, the world’s largest sheet music publisher is Wauwatosa’s Hal Leonard, I believe the largest microphone collection is right here in the city, the roots of recorded jazz and blues music can be traced to Paramount Records in Grafton, 88nine is the envy of the non-commercial radio world, and in the Pabst/Riverside crew we have truly passionate and talented people setting trends in the way artists are treated and shows are curated.

What may people not know about you? I originally wanted to be an architect but quickly learned about the level of math required.

What drives your creativity? I’m not sure. Ideas are never in short supply. Execution, however…

What are you going to talk to us about this month? I’ve been told the theme is “Moments,” and I think that word is pretty fascinating in the context of creativity and the human experience. My goal is to inspire and challenge without being too self-indulgent. 

Ticket registration for “Moments” opens here Monday, February 20th at 11AM CST. Grab a ticket as fast as you can they are free but limited!