Here are the Community Minutes from our last event!

1/ Laura

Laura works at the new Design Museum in Kensington and they’ve got a great programme. SUPERLOCAL 0 Miles Production Tour is a hands-on workshop coming up on 18th Feb where participants can learn about local sourcing and production with designer in residence Andrea De Chirico.

W/ Book tickets here.


2/ Steven

Steven’s got a background in geographical sciences, he’s worked with FTSE100 companies and startups, including Escape the City. He’s looking to get into service design and design thinking - get in touch with him and make some magic together!



3/ Gergana

Gergana’s started up 11 Trails, a social network for adventure/travel junkies like herself. It relies on user-generated content, where people share the stories of their trips through photographs, enabling others to connect and go on similar adventures. She’s looking for a technical partner/CTO to help bring her vision to light.


4/ Zainab

Zainab is developing the community over at Monzo but she’s also started Coffee + Henna, connecting with others to share stories over a hot drink and some rad mendhi. Say hey!

IG/ @coffeeandhenna


5/ Nick Birkett

Nick’s the co-founder of Mr Bao on Rye Lane. He’s heading over to San Francisco soon and would really appreciate any contacts, especially of anyone who works in tech. Do your thing CM community!


6/ Elise

Elise works at By Other Means Gallery, they’re about to start an artist-run supper club, where visual artists, musicians, designers, chefs come together and participate in creating a gastronomic experience together - pass details on to anyone you think might be interested!

BOM Gallery are also looking for a new space for their art salon, something like a cafe or apartment.

IG/ @byothermeans T/ @bomlondon F/

Elise is also a choir researcher and she needs help finding all the choirs in the UK! If you’re in a choir or if you want to be in a choir let her know.


7/ Lewis

Lewis works as a designer and he’s just done up a space on Hackney Road - Lunar HQ. If you know anyone that needs space to work, need a shop front or can help run workshops, get in touch!


8/ Anna Hiltur

In the spirit of new music experiences, Anna told us about Nordic Playlist. Discover nordic music and join them on Tuesday 24th at 7:30 when they’ll be livestreaming their show with Argentinian-Swedish folk singer-songwriter and guitarist, José González.


9/ Zosia

Zosia is part of Future Mapping Company, who bring together a love of cartography and graphic design. They’re doing user testing and need some help, at any time on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th for 15-30min, let Zosia know what time you want to drop by (you get a free map afterwards)!



10/ Uslan

Uslan announced Stour Space’s Good Day opening night, where they commemorated Ice Cube’s Good Day (20th Jan!) with art, music-based art and booze. The exhibition continues until 3rd Feb, so drop by.


11/ Paul

Paul is CM London’s wonderful photographer and you might have seen him at our last few Mornings. While Paul was working as an architect, he was diagnosed with a chronic illness - a life changing time which resulted in him wanting to bring people together through photography. Now he’s looking for people who want to make photographs together - so get in touch if you want to be involved!

T/ @paulfletchphoto IN/ @paulfletcherphotographer


12/ Rose

Rose has just joined our wonderful CM London team, and she also works with General Assembly. They’re currently looking for ethical startups to get in touch with - if you know any, let her know!


13/ Joana

Joana has started Design Dharma, asking questions about the intersection of our spiritual life and our design practices. There’s a meet up coming up in the next couple of weeks at Roam Coliving’s new space in Chelsea.


T/ @joana_atelier

14/ Victoria

We all know Victoria as the incredible host of CM London and now she’s starting a podcast called “The Work We Do” exploring new ways of working and living. Look out for the launch date! She’s also going to be talking to Joana (above) at General Assembly on 3rd Feb at 8:30am!