The Blogger Union has partnered with CreativeMornings/Miami for a collaborative storytelling marathon. Tune in to read the story of our city told by local creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Each week, a different member of CreativeMornings will take over to post what inspires them about South Florida. Do yo want to take over the CreativeMornings/Miami blog and share your take on our community? and we’ll get working on it!

Hello hello everyone! My name is Kristabel. I’m taking over for the next week! During my take over I am going to talk about some of South Florida creatives that live here and whom I’ve gotten a chance to interview. Just a small summary about myself and my ongoing project {Muses of Miami}. I’ve lived here in Miami for almost 10 years. I’m originally from New York, 3 years ago I had created a small concept called Muses of Miami.

A muse is a person, it’s a place, it’s a thing that inspires an artist.

I want to introduce this amazing multi-media guru. He is absolutely amazing in all things; animation, music, video, storytelling, graphics, 3d. This well-rounded creative Parris took the initiative on editing the pictures for his photo shoot.

Take a look into the mind and reason as well as amazing advice Parris talks about in his interview.