« Why am I ‘writing’ this? » I asked myself in the shower. A few words from last night’s meeting with the CreativeMornings team stuck into my head. As I am typing, I have no clue what this will become or how it will be received. And it is terrifying.


Let’s Throw Ourselves Into The Unknown

Then why are you doing it, you ask. Truth is, as I am typing this, I don’t have the answer. Carmichael would have said “because I have a sensation that this is bigger than me”. Similarly, our speaker Chantal Gosselin explains: “I didn’t question whether I should do it, it was boiling inside of me, I had to”.

Collectively thinking about what CreativeMornings is about and what it means to people was a much-needed process, after the ups and downs of the last year. Many of us have been through a rough time, and this new dawn seemed like the perfect occasion to get together and reflect on what’s to come.

Holding the space

After opening the door to the community last month and walking with our speakers Steve, Véronique and Chantal through the creative process, something happened. Some of us, who attended the CreativeMornings summit in Austin last November, felt it even deeper; we must go back to basics.

“This endeavour has the worst business model ever” once said Tina Roth Eisenberg, the founder of CreativeMornings: “we organize free events, we invite everybody and then we wonder how we’re going to pay for everything!”

So why are we all doing this? Maude, in charge of logistics, shared: “What’s really interesting and gets to people is the relatability of what’s revealed within that bubble of trust. The passion and the emotions are palpable, and the proximity with the community creates a strong and moving experience.”

Montreal chapter’s host Louis-Félix added: “We don’t want free cereals; we can buy our own All Brans! We want to carry and spread the voices of the people driven by passion and purpose, people who create and inspire others to create. We want to encourage the community to act and do the things they love. And we want them to come because we’re a safe place.”

“Whether the speakers are well known or not, what makes a difference is how we see them. We must be there, listen with all our soul so that they can deliver their message, with generosity and vulnerability. We’re a platform for our community to take-off.”

For some of us, these words resonated profoundly. Personally, I had probably seen at some point that there was a manifesto somewhere, explaining what the events were about, but I had never felt it.

The mystery

So how can we, together, create this safe place? How can we hold the space, without judgment or ego, without dividing or letting people aside? How can we embed benevolence and inclusiveness in everything we do?

Chantal believes to keep it alive, “this mission has to be carried by each and every one of us. Our values must be in our heart, in who we are and what we do”.

One thing is for sure, there is no clear path ahead of us, but wherever we go, we should go together. Now, mystery can be frightening, as our guest speakers learned. It can be paralyzing, and yet if we can channel our imagination, the same mystery can foster hope and become a vector for creativity.

We are social creatures

I feel like I owe you an answer. I believe the reason why I am sharing this is because I would not be anything without you. All of you. Because imagination is what sets us apart as a species, what enabled language, learning, and therefore transmission of knowledge. It made us conscious, provided we are, in fact, part of a community.

As Henri Laborit put it, we are a part of an ecosystem, but by ourselves, we cannot be fully conscious. Removed from our environment, we cannot comprehend what separates “us” from “others”, which is why we need to connect and share to evolve.

I believe I feel the urge to share thoughts, questions and perspectives because they help me define who I am just as much as, hopefully, they help you find where you stand and who you want to be.

Even if you disagree or condemn, I want to believe the exercise is still giving you something useful, provoking thoughts and emotions to better understand who you are, and what your purpose is.

With the new year upon us, I wish you to find and follow your passion, and with all my heart, I hope you will find your safe haven, within the community or elsewhere, to find your voice and be heard.