This month we have invited Jana Marie Backhaus. She will talk about this month’s global theme ‘Mystery’. But before we all get to meet her at HMKW Köln, we’ve asked Jana to answer a few questions about herself and what we can expect from her talk on Friday, January 27th:

What’s your creative profession?
I am an actress. Nevertheless I started doing many different things combined with acting like writing theatre plays for kids and stand-up comedy. I also work as a voice artist, radio host and clown. 

What will you be sharing with the CreativeMornings community on Friday, January 27th?
My talk will be about how to make things easier and become a happier creative person by stopping to explain all the details of your art and your art of life. Especially to people who work normal 9 to 5 jobs. A pinch of mystery will also transform how you see your own work! 

How is Cologne and its creative scene special to you?
To me it means being well connected. When I moved from Berlin to Cologne in 2012 I immediately felt the change. It is a completely different vibe to me. In Cologne creative people wanna lift eachother up instead of creating negativity through rivalry.

What’s your creative clue for the community?
Sometimes you don’t need to understand who you are and in which creative field you have your home - as long as you enjoy being that person!

Where could our society need some mystery?
I think what our society needs in terms of mystery is that people start enjoying little secrets and surprises again. The best parts of my life came as a surprise and things I planned never worked out at all.

Thank you Jana for this interview! We look forward to your talk at the end of the month. For more information on the event and how to grab your (free!) ticket, visit the event page. Tickets go live on Monday the 23rd at 9am.