We’re looking for a community manager to join our Stockholm team!Are you an early mornings riser, fan of creativity, creative mornings and social media? Perfect! You should join our team!We’re looking for a Community Manager, to effectively manage and grow our social communities. You’ll be rewarded with access to the Creative Mornings family with people from over 157 cities in 58 countries, as well as access to all Creative Mornings events in Stockholm, free coffee and new friends!
You will be responsible for:
- Creating, planning and delivering engaging social content to help maintain and grow our social channels (primarily Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, potentially Snapchat etc..)
- Listen and engage in relevant social discussion about Creative Mornings or creativity related topics. 
- Prior talks, post inspiring content to help promote the coming events.
- During talks, actively listen to the speaker and share quotes, tweets, Instagram Stories, Facebook live videos etc. to the community. 
- After talks, create albums summarizing previous speaker. Also to maintain an interest in between events. 
- Together with photographer, videographer, digital manager and other team members, produce creative content for our platforms. Sounds like something for you? Great! Then send us an application including one example Facebook-update about something related to creativity that you think could be of value to our followers. Send to: stockholmcreativemornings@gmail.com.