Sound is an integral part of our lives. It’s all around us, twenty four hours a day. Every memory we have involves at least a small element of sound. Without sound, we would have difficulty communicating, avoiding danger, and learning. Sound permeates our lives, from our alarms waking us in the morning, to the radio we listen to on the way to work, to the interactions with our families and friends. Think about your Thanksgiving holidays… Do you hear children running around the house? Can you listen to the discussions around the dinner table? What about the clanking of silverware? The delicious noise of turkey being carved? The bubbling of stuffing? The oven announcing that the pumpkin pie is ready? Sounds comfort us.
Sounds scare us.
Sounds teach us.
Sounds define us.
Some days we are bombarded with a cacophony that makes us want to crawl back into bed. Other times, sounds invite us to head outside and enjoy the world. We find joy in the laughter of friends, solitude in the lapping of waves, peace in the rustling of leaves… Sounds can calm us. Cats’ purrs vibrate within the range of 20-140 Hz, a range known to be therapeutic for mental illnesses. The purrs can lower blood pressure, promote the healing of bones and soft tissue, help with infection and swelling.  
Join us as Babah Fly talks about how sound and rhythm define our communication, affect our health, and determine our person-hood.  We’ll be at Curious Theatre on Friday, December 9th.  Tickets will be available at 9am, Monday, December 5th.