Hey you,

As we’re making our way to being with our loved ones, we are thinking of our CMBAL family.What a 2016 it’s been, so far. We’re coming down to the wire and we can’t express how amazing it’s been to see your face on a Friday, each month, eager to grab some coffee and get your day started with us.What else are we thankful for? The magical partners -venues, food, coffee, and everything in between –volunteers, from media and promotion, to setup and cheerleading, past and present. We also thank you. The awesome speakers who have graced our platform -and the ones to come. You all make our CM world go round.

(Pictured above: September’ 2016 speakers Nia Johnson, left, and Andrea Boston, right, with CMBal host Olivia Obineme, center. Credit: Laura Ferrara // Pictured below: September 2015 speaker Amy Sherald, left, and special guest Shelton, right. Credit: John Davis)

And an example of how beautiful you all are…remember the amazing talk on EMPATHY by our September 2015 speaker, artist Amy Sherald? She shared the stage with one of her awesome former students, Shelton, from her art class through the Elevation Program.A year after completing the program and re-entry into the community, Shelton obtained work and housing. More recently, unfortunately, he lost his job hitting some bumps in the road, but never his spirit to push forward.

Throughout his re-entry, Shelton and Amy have stayed in touch. “He made a real impression on me in the classroom,” Amy said in her FB post.As he’s currently looking for work, he’s been burdened with the stress of possibly being evicted. Amy is stepping in as a friend and is asking for others to pitch in and help raise money, so Shelton can keep pushing forward.Shelton and Amy are part of our CMBAL family. And as family, we can’t stand by and not show our love.So, we’re reaching out to the rest of our CreativeMornings family to also show love. Pitch in $$$ and let’s not leave behind anyone in our family.

Send your contributions to Amy’s PayPal at amysherald@gmail.com. All contributions will go to Shelton.

Give thanks, share LOVE. We could all use it.

See you soon.


Olivia & CMBal Crew