Quickfire Queries :: Emily Belden

Our brand new series of random questions that dig a little deeper into the minds of the people holding the mic.

What is your favorite virtue?

Offering to reach things that are high on the shelves at grocery stores for short people, A.K.A. random acts of humanity.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Binge watching Teen Mom OG.

What does fantasy mean to you?  

NSFW. Just kidding. But you’ll have to attend Friday’s talk to find out.

Favorite cliche corporate stock photo? (Pensive around the conference table is a personal fave) 

Blurred-out people walking in the winter time, lens focused just on a bright red shopping bag.

What phrase do you find yourself repeating all too often?  

“Can I sub the soda for a milkshake?”

What’s your favorite song?  

50 Cent - In Da Club

What keeps you grounded?

When a roll of dog poop bags falls out of my pocket at a cocktail party.

Who or what inspires you?   

A blank word doc and a giant glass of red wine.

What’s your favorite fantasy/fiction movie series?

Stranger Things.

What is your biggest pet peeve?   

People who move at a glacial pace in their job role…i.e., post office, deli counter, etc.

Who is your favorite author?  

Gillian Flynn, specifically for her book Gone Girl

Favorite place in San Diego?  

Taco Surf PB - best Cali Burrito hands down.

For more information about Emily and her work, check out her website. We’re excited to have Emily share with us on November 18th at the San Diego Central Library. More event info here.