CreativeMornings Houston “Fantasy.”

Friday November 11th at 8:30am at Lawndale Art Center


Jay Marroquin

Born to immigrant parents, Jay Marroquin has always hadthe courage to dream big. He realized that through hardwork and dedication, dreams became reality.

He believes that a photograph should be creative, evokeemotion and stir the soul. A result of thought, passion,respect for the craft and a celebration of time-honoredphotography methods. Simply said, a great photographthat has been captured, not created digitally.

Prior to photography, Jay Marroquin competed in professionalmotorsports in various categories including karting, sports cars and Formula cars. The same competitive andadventurous spirit carries over into all photography projectsundertaken by Jay Marroquin.


Lawndale Art Center

Location: 4912 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002

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