Astghik Der Sakarian
How transparency creates space for discussion
According to the Cambridge dictionary the meaning of the word transparency can be: -  “the characteristic of being easy to see through“ or also

- „the quality of being done in an open way without secrets“

This months’ global topic, as usual, gave generous room for interpretation in numerous different directions. As part of this year`s business riot festival – a girls-only conference focused on women and the creative employment market – CreativeMornings Vienna was excited to host architect Astghik Der Sakarian. The October event took place at the Donauhof Wien, a recently created event space in the 2nd district of Vienna.

In the field of architecture, the notion of transparency can be viewed in both of the above mentioned dimensions. It is of great importance in terms of the material that is chosen for a certain structure but, moreover, has to be applied in the development department, while planning a building. In fact, even before sitting down at the drawing board, an evaluation, taking into account all participants involved, is crucial. This evaluation has to define not only the finances and the scope of the project but also all important requirements as far as purpose, function as well as the (present or future) location of a structure, are concerned. Thereby, only a transparent process guarantees the involvement of all stakeholders and thus the best possible outcome. This can generally be applied, whether for the building of a private residence or while working on a public or community space. Only in transparent work processes general exchange of experience and knowledge leads to the contribution of all potential partners.

Astghik Der Sakarian has successfully applied transparency while collecting ideas for new buildings, planning as well as during the implementation phase in many projects and various countries in the CEE-region as well as while working in Mexico. Together with fellow architect Heide Schick Der Sakarian found Beluga & Töchter in 2007 and in 2015 Der Sakarian atelier. Astghik focuses on private housing, urban development and participatory urbanism. She gives lectures and workshops at universities worldwide.

Check out what Astghik Der Sakarian had to say about the impact of CreativeMornings Vienna: