October Community Minutes

The last ten minutes of our CreativeMornings/London events are always dedicated to our community. You can share anything from a cool project you’re launching to an event you’re running to what you need help with. 

Last week’s community minutes:

  • Shari

  • Shari is the Community Builder for Let It Grow, an incubator aiming to make cities in the world as green as possible. She’s on the lookout for entrepreneurs to join the programme - if you know anyone that’s doing innovative things with plants and flowers - let her know!

    W/ https://letitgrow.org/ IG/ @letitgrow_org T/ @letitgrow_org  E/ shari@letitgrow.org

  • Boutziee

  • Boutziee is from the Ravensbourne design university and is looking for a subject or muse - she wants to to photograph people expressing their visual identity.

    IG/ @Boutizee E/ rebelliousrebel@rebelliousrebel.com

  • Will

  • Will has 8 years of experience working on mobile app development, digital marketing and email design - if anyone needs his skills, get in touch asap! Will’s also looking to start a kickstarter campaign, so send over any advice you might have.

    E/ will.barton@live.com

  • Rasa

  • Rasa gave shoutout to Jason Briscoe - a CM LDN speaker on his new venture The Vision Mission. With the tag line “Laser eye surgery changed my life”, he hopes to change the lives of others with poor vision by donating vintage frames and raising money for others’ laser eye surgery.

    W/ https://thevisionmission.jasonbriscoe.com

  • Priya

  • Priya’s launching two exciting new projects in the next few months. She’s looking for people who know things about creating photographic archives, the South Asian diaspora in Britain and food trucks. Hit her up if you can help or if you want to know more!

    E/ priyaljjoshi@gmail.com

  • Gretchen

  • Gretchen recently graduated in Graphic Design and moved over from Melbourne - she’s looking for a mentor in the industry and also somewhere where she can put her design skills to good use!

    E/ hello@littleladylost.com

  • Stefano

  • Experiments in Design meetup coming soon (10 Nov) with a talk on how designers can learn from Hitchcock’s direction and a quirky exercise on redesigning apps for famous movie characters.

    W/ www.meetup.com/Experiments-in-Design/

  • Lisa

  • Lisa’s the Communications Manager at Vinaya - wearable technology that helps you stay mindful and connected. She ran their very successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in the run up to the much anticipated launch. She’s also a writer and freelancer, so get in touch with her for any opportunities!

    E/ lisa.roolant@gmail.com

  • Rebecca

  • Rebecca’s looking for someone who can help her learn about Adobe - she’s happy to pay about £15/h.

    E/ rag.walk@gmail.com

  • Matt

  • Matt’s a freelance graphic designer - get in touch with him for any work or opportunities!

    E/ hello@askthemrs.co.uk W/ http://askthemrs.co.uk/