Get to know our Speaker: Morven McAuley

What does creativity mean to you and how does it play out in your life?
Creativity to me refers to a way of thinking and communicating. Designer Yves Behar once said “Good design accelerates the adoption of new ideas.” I strongly believe in that. Because I’m in the business of selling ideas to my clients it’s important the concept behind how I do that is appropriately creative.

What has been a truly memorable creative moment for you?
Re-designing and re-crafting my Mum’s engagement ring. My folks have been married for 52 years now. Due to arthritis in her joints, Mum hadn’t been able to wear her engagement ring for ages. Rather than resize it, she decided she might like to modernise it. She asked Dad if he would mind, he said no and was delighted that she wanted to do something new with it. I set about drawing some designs using the existing stones and gold and made her a new ring. It was pretty cool seeing a woman in her 70’s let go of the past while paying homage to it at the same time.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to unlock their creative potential?
If it’s simply a bit of mental block on an existing journey, get outside the box to think. Nature is restorative. If it’s a desire to change direction and find your creative self, find and talk to as many people as possible. It’s surprising how generous creative people are with their time if they can see you have a spark they might be able to ignite.  

Who has been a creative inspiration for you?
A lot of people but especially my Dad. We used to joke about how he was a dreamer. He’d always have some little idea boiling away in his mental pot. I think I got my ability to dream from him, along with my complete inability to stick to any one career!

How does transparency play a role in your creativity?
Transparency refines the idea. When I’m first working on something or trying to conceptualise something, it’s very murky and raw. Transparency trims, neatens up the edges, tailors the concept better and heightens the focus so I cater to the end objective - which is usually pleasing a client. 

What are you most excited about right now? 

Join us on Friday 28th of October to hear how Morven has come to experience the real meaning of transparency and why that has ultimately led her to choose a moniker that opposes it. Full details at

Photo: Emily Raftery Photography