Merriam-Webster’s simple definition says that being transparent is being 

: able to be seen through

: easy to notice or understand

: honest and open : not secretive

It’s a quality that we say we look for in friends, family, business relations, bosses, employees, politicians, governments…  It’s something we want, and even expect, in each other.

Transparency is truly all around us, from literally our clear windshields as we drive, to the political rhetoric of today.  But how transparent is our world? Do we really have transparency in our dealings with each other? Do we have transparency with our motivations and wants?  Perhaps, most importantly, are you transparent with yourself? 

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” - Dalai Lama

Despite the many claims to transparency, we find ourselves often not fully trusting one and other. We not sure we can trust our government.  We see hidden agendas in our relationships. We have backroom business dealings happening in, well, … backrooms. 

Stop for a moment and think about what life would be like if we – our friends, our family, our businesses, our government, everyone we deal with (including ourselves!) – had full transparency.  Think about a world in which everything could be taken at face value. 

Is that a world you would want to live in? Or does it scare you?

Think about what your life would be like if the only person you knew for certain was being transparent was you. 

Does this make you nervous? Or scared? Does it make you feel vulnerable?

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.” - Mother Teresa

Come join us as Chris Zacher, social entrepreneur and champion for live music for all, talks about the necessity of Transparency (aka Trust), as the objective in the public/private projects world, and gets us thinking about what happens when it’s missing… 

Tickets are available October 17th at 9am right here on our website.