Tomorrow is Friday and there’s a Creative Mornings, which make it an extremely good Friday! Join us at TEKSystems as Ryan Duggan chimes in on our weird series. But first, take a peek at the Q&A with Duggan below ! Bonus points if you tweet us your favorite concert poster designed the Chicago-based artist!

Define “weird” in one sentence or less.

More interesting than “normal.“

What drives your desire to create?

My desire to eat. I also physically need to work or make something on a regular basis or I fall apart.

How does Chicago influence you or your work?

I love this city and I like to think it definitely influences my work and specifically my sense of humor. The work ethic of this town is really impressive and you really have to grind to make things happen here. It’s an ‘unpolished metropolis’ and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

List three words that begin with the letter “w” to describe your personality.

Working-class Willy Wonka.