Join us this Friday, July 22 at The Nerdery as Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero, the duo behind the artistic vision of Luftwerk, weigh in on this month’s theme: love!  Take a peek at the Q&A with Petra and Sean below! Bonus points if you check out their nifty website:

What drives your desire(s) to create?

The drive to create is our natural desire to express ideas, emotions and perspectives through the use of color, light, and sound. We illuminate what we observe and transform spaces into art that immerses and connects viewers in a multi-sensory experience.

Being collaborators for over ten years our passion to create has evolved into a natural thing to do, like breathing … it’s essential.

Our work is inspired by ideas about space, color and light and is often a response to a site.  It is driven by the desire to alter one’s perception of the familiar; it wants you to revisit a place or thought and to have a new experience.

The work intends to grow our appreciation for the things that surround us.

How does Chicago influence you or your work(s)?

We met, have lived and worked in Chicago for over 15 years. We have collaborated on projects with a great many skilled and creative people, from fabricators, architects, and musicians, to curators and the city itself, they all help make our projects realized. Chicago architecture has greatly influenced our artistic DNA, from Frank Lloyd Wright to Mies van der Rohe, the philosophy of ‘organic architecture’ and ‘less is more’ informs our creative process from research to final output.

List three words that begin with the letter “L” to describe both of your personalities.




What does this month’s theme – love– mean to both of you?

Follow your bliss

If you both were stranded on a deserted island, list 3 things you would collectively bring?

1. Sketchbook

2. Flashlight

3. Radio