On Friday, June 24th, we’re returning with Sarah Dollhausen, social justice advocate and hip-hop culture enthusiast. Sarah is executive director and co-founder of TRUE Skool, a non-profit focused on youth arts education and community service. Sarah will be speaking on the theme “Broken,” and encouraging us to shift our perception in viewing others as broken. Below, we asked her some questions to get to know her better.

photo by Royal Brevväxling

What do you typically eat for breakfast? I’m lucky to work in the same building as a fruit stand so I usually grab some fruit from the fruit stand right above us in the Grand Ave Mall. Although, when I get time I love to go to Zak’s on 2nd for a quick bite to eat, poached eggs w/a side of hollandaise sauce, wheat toast, and hash browns with lots of Sriracha. The waiter actually remembers my order so I guess I go there a lot, lol.

What do people know you for? TRUE Skool…literally, when I was the only full-time staff member people would walk by me in public and say, “Hey TRUE Skool!”. I laughed the first time that happened to our Program Director.  

How is Milwaukee special to you? The ridiculous amount of talent that goes unnoticed and unappreciated but a group I get to interact with often. And the resilience of our youth, despite the statistics I know so many amazing young people who just don’t give up.

What may people not know about you? I was a teenage mother and have a 21-year-old daughter. I also have a 9-year-old son from a previous marriage.

What drives your creativity? The ability to create projects that provide positive opportunities for others. People ask me often if I am an artist, which I guess comes with the territory of running an arts organization, and I tell them my art is the business side of things. I realized early on I just didn’t have the skill set to be an actual artist so what better way to be involved in the arts but to provide artistic opportunities and creative outlets for others!

What are you going to talk to us about this month? I am going to share a bit of my journey and how it got me to TRUE Skool. Also, how we sometimes don’t realize that our creative spirit is “broken” and how opening up that side of us changes us as youth and as adults.  

Ticket registration for “Broken” opens here Monday, June 20th at 11AM CST. Grab a ticket as fast as you can they are free but limited! Hope to see you at Radio Milwaukee on Friday, June 24th.